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The Celeste Hotel – Space Center

Rocket Garden At Kennedy Space Center

As a guest at The Celeste Hotel, you land among the stars, take the Milky Way as your guidepost. Savoring luxury accommodations inspired by the vastness of our universe, it’s only fitting you’ll find yourself within shouting distance of some of space exploration’s hallowed ground.

Our Tribute Portfolio hotel on the University of Central Florida campus puts you a mere 45 minutes or so from the John F. Kennedy Space Center. This NASA installation has, along with the adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, seen some of the most significant spaceflight launches of all time. Whether you’re an avid student of the U.S. space program or just somebody with a strong sense of curiosity, you’ll love visiting—and The Celeste’s the perfect place to stay for the occasion!

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

An easy daytrip from The Celeste to Merritt Island along Florida’s Space Coast puts you right at the stoop of history. Exploring the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center’s “Mission Zones,” you’ll learn the backstory behind such iconic achievements as the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, right where they took shape.

Admire at the massive scale of the Saturn V—the biggest rocket ever launched into space, used to transport Apollo astronauts to the Moon—and the legendary orbiter Space Shuttle Atlantis, which pulled off dozens of important missions between 1985 and 2011. Get up close and personal with Lunar Module 9 on a recreated moonscape, and strap in for thrilling spaceflight training and launch simulations. 

From the Astronaut Hall of Fame to the possibilities of human spaceflight to Mars, there’s much more to explore. We’ll also note that the Kennedy Space Center’s undeveloped surroundings of Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge offer a fine opportunity to see waterbirds, alligators, manatees, and other Space Coast critters.

Use the Celeste as Your Kennedy Space Center Launchpad

Gain incredible insight into the U.S. space program—and firsthand looks at the historical technology it’s employed—at the Kennedy Space Center on your next Celeste Hotel getaway!