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A Collaboration Written in the Stars


The Celeste Hotel partners with UCF’s School of Visual Arts and Design

It was the “Age of Aquarius” and man was on the cusp of making “One small step for man, One giant leap for Mankind.” In 1963, the University of Central Florida opened its doors to support the blossoming space program. More than sixty years later, this journey into the unknown sky remains a passion for explorers, engineers and spiritualists alike, and the university has grown to support dreamers of all vocations. In a nod to the university’s history, Celeste Hotel has partnered with the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design to bring this sense of discovery and adventure to the hotel. Each room in the hotel showcases a curated collection of space and celestial-themed artworks created by talented UCF artists.

UCF Artists:

  •  Marcos Carrasco
  • Anthony DeSanto
  • Colleen Falco
  • Emily Fisher
  • Connor Peters
  • Jacob Wan

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The UCF Art Gallery is just a short walk away! The gallery serves as a catalyst for visual art experiences and education, culture, and community engagement. Discover year-round exhibitions showcasing, students, faculty and contemporary artists


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UCF showcases faculty and student artists year-round in performances and exhibitions on campus and in the Central Florida community. Learn more and reserve a ticket at arts.ucf.edu.

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