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Hotel Near Orlando Science Center

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The Celeste Hotel – Hotel Near the Orlando Science Center

Hands-on learning and oodles of family fun await you as a guest at The Celeste: While enjoying our luxury hospitality and galactic getup, you’ll find yourself less than a half-hour from the fantastic Orlando Science Center.

Launched back in the late 1950s as the Central Florida Museum and occupying its current state-of-the-art digs since 1997, this all-around learning institution is the perfect destination for Celeste guests with youngsters in tow!

The Orlando Science Center: Interactive Exhibits to Megascreen Thrills

orlando science center experiment

There’s an awful lot to explore at the Orlando Science Center, which stimulates the imagination and inspires young minds at every turn. The better part of 700,000 visitors take in its delights every year.

The exhibits at this well-designed, thoughtfully arranged museum—spread out over four floors—run the gamut. Get up close and personal with some prehistoric “monsters”—including a few bygone Sunshine State inhabitants—in the DinoDigsspread, which includes a facsimile of an actual, honest-to-goodness fossil dig alongside plenty of mounted skeletons. In the Kinetic Zone, meantime, kids can unlock their inner engineer fiddling with everything from air rockets to pulleys. Pompeii: The Immortal City evokes life in that doomed Roman metropolis, while the NatureWorks installation invites you on a virtual hike across Florida’s ecosystems, from bald-cypress swamp to coral reef. 

Step into the CineDome featuring an 8,000 square-foot screen that creates a 180-degree image surrounding you beyond your peripheral vision. Embark on a giant-screen journey to the depths of the ocean, the wilderness of the savannah or the vast depths of outer space.

Throw in regular events like Kids Night at the Museum, the Science of Wine, and the Otronicon tech/STEM expo, and you’ve got a year-round hotspot for engaging science education and discovery in the Orlando center.

Swing By the Orlando Science Center on a Celeste Stay

Here at The Celeste, we’re all about feeding curiosity and celebrating the wonders of our perch here in a far corner of the Milky Way. We suggest we’re the perfect accommodations for an all-ages visit to the Orlando Science Center just a hop, skip, and a moon walk away!