When you call The Celeste Hotel home here in East Orlando, you enjoy plenty of luxuries—starting, of course, with your Tribute Portfolio room or suite. Experience the true wonder of beautiful communal experiences, particularly shared over love for delicious food and captivating atmosphere at Aurora.

An immersive concept set apart from all others in Orlando, Aurora will be a restaurant experience that captures vast attention through colorful flavors, stunning ambiance, and refined service. With an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced food and the inspiring culinary genius of Chef Mike Trudnak, Aurora will be a glimmering spectacle within the Celeste Hotel experience.

Introducing Chef Trudnak

The Aurora Restaurant Executive Chef Mike Trudnak
The Aurora Restaurant Executive Chef Mike Trudnak

Chef Trudnak comes to The Celeste with quite the impressive pedigree. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he honed his craft in kitchens at Apawamis Country Club, Disney’s Yachtsman Steakhouse, The Ritz Cartlon Orlando Great Lakes, and other restaurants and hotels.

Always hungry for new challenges and fresh inspirations, Chef Trudnak remains singularly focused on providing a memorable—maybe even transformative—culinary experience for each and every person who dines at one of his tables. We’re lucky to have him here helming the ship at Aurora!

Celeste Dining at Aurora

Open seven days a week, Aurora serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That first, most important meal of the day here could take the form of buttermilk pancakes, the Florida Omelet, Aurora’s Fried Green Tomato Wrap, or the house-made granola parfait.

For lunch or dinner, don’t skip the shareable appetizers—quail eggs, roasted pepper humus, Chili Glazed Duck Wings, the Celeste Crab Cake, and others. Your entree might be a short-rib, margarita, or Korean Fried Chicken flatbread, a Celeste Burger, or such stellar plates as the Char-Grilled Skirt Steak, the Root Vegetable Pavé, the Grilled Salmon, or Aurora’s take on shrimp-and-grits. You’ll also find a number of salads on the menu as well as a veggie-packed, flavor-rich bowl.

Aurora’s signature dessert is the lavish and luscious Supernova—anchored by a dark chocolate balloon dome—but you’ll also find Coconut MIlk Rice Pudding and (naturally) some Key Lime Pie on offer as well.

Feast Amid the Stars at The Celeste

Join us for gourmet dining and the University of Central Florida’s first luxury hotel accommodations here at The Celeste Hotel! Don’t forget that appetite of yours when you head our (Milky) way…