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The Celeste Hotel – Experience Winter Park, FL on a Scenic Boat Tour

Image of Winter Park FL Canals from water

Among all the sightseeing available to you in and around Orlando as a guest at the Celeste Hotel, Winter Park should rank high on your list of things (or places) to see.

One of the best ways to see this historic resort city is by water. The long-running company Scenic Boat Tour leads a well-known, hourlong cruise through Winter Park’s lakes and canals: a fine choice for a daytrip adventure during your Celeste stay!

Scenic Boat Tour Through the Winter Park Chain of Lakes

Winter Park’s defining geographic feature is its “archipelago” of lakes. Scenic Boat Tour’s 18-passenger pontoon boats are docked on Lake Osceola, and the cruise plies two other lakes as well as interconnecting canals.

You’ll get some sense of Winter Park’s celebrated Old Florida beauty along the way. Besides some of the city’s stately mansions and estates, that beauty takes botanical form: from grand bald-cypresses and palms to lavish gardens. You’re likely to see herons, egrets, and other waterbirds, and you might just get a glimpse of an alligator or two.

Cruise the Lakes & Canals of Winter Park During Your Celeste Hotel Stay

It doesn’t get much better than a pontoon outing to Winter Park while being a guest of The Celeste Hotel on the University of Central Florida campus. After your leisurely ride along magical canals and lakes, you’ll get to return to the Tribute Portfolio standard our guests have come to expect!